Back Pain Exercises That Can Bring You Relief

Back Pain Exercises That Can Bring You Relief

Back pain can be a real ordeal, and it’s something that affects lots of people. The pain in your back can be on the upper or lower sections; either way, back pain is difficult when it lasts a long time. If your back pain will not go away, you might want to try some type of therapy or treatment for your condition. You should use common sense and consult your doctor before exercising, of course, and don’t persist with any exercises that hurt your back in any way.

A lot of people haven’t heard of Pilates; however, it is an alternative exercise method that many people use and acclaim. Pilates focuses on strengthening and stretching your core (torso) muscles with gentle stretches. This low-impact exercise system is very beneficial to spinal health. Pilates has different types of equipment, such as reformers and barrels, that you can use at a Pilates Center. Nevertheless, if you prefer, you can use a Pilates Mat and do your exercises at your home. You can begin your Pilates training at whatever level of fitness you are currently at. As you progress through the gentle exercises, you will become stronger and have more endurance and can move up to more advanced exercises. You can look for a Pilates center in your area, or find a workout video that can help you get started. Not only will Pilates augment your level of fitness, it can help relieve and prevent back pain.

One of the best ways to help your back is through inversion therapy which requires you to hang upside down from a device when you do your exercising. If you have a chinning bar, you can also get inversion boots and hang upside down that way. Inversion therapy, for many, is very helpful for a variety of reasons. What it does is allows your spine to naturally realigned and it also will help improve your posture. After you have been upside down for some time, your back naturally feels better, almost as if you had been to the chiropractor. Another benefit of this activity is that it helps you maintain your natural height as you get older, as it stretches your spine. You should also do this to improve mental alertness, something that is supposed to happen due to your brain receiving more oxygen.

In order to get rid of your back pain, you can do a gentle series of exercises that can be of immense help. A good exercise/stretch for your back is to do knee lifts. Lie on your back and alternatively bring your knee as close to your chest as possible. Hold this position for about thirty seconds. Then do the same with the other knee. Waist twists can also be very advantageous for relieving back pain. Have your arms dangling loosely from your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart. Gently swing your arms to the left while twisting at your waist. Return your arms to their original position and repeat the twist/stretch to your right. Lastly, you can do hip rolls to loosen up, and stretch out, your lower back. With your feet shoulder width apart, roll your hips 10 times clockwise to the right and then counter-clockwise to the left You are now aware of many different stretching exercises for all sorts of body areas and you should be well on your way to a hale and hearty spine. Your should always get a recommendation from your health care provider before you start any exercises, especially if you have had a prior back injury. As long as you can use an exercise program efficiently; you will be able to keep back pain at bay and prevent it from happening again.

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