Stem Cell Treatment in Charlotte

Stem Cell Treatment in Charlotte

Understanding Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells are the unique product of the bone marrow that has the amazing potential to develop into many types of body tissue. Since the early 1960s stem cell therapy and the successful use of stem cells from bone marrow has had an increasing interest from the medical community in determining the nature of undifferentiated stem cells which are capable of developing into various different body tissues. Stem cells are found in all tissues of the body as they are produced by the bone marrow as a result of blood collection during the umbilical cord birth and they play a very important part in the development of the body. With stem cell therapy there is an increase in the number of stem cells that are produced thus replenishing the body’s supply and this process is known as stem cell therapy. The major benefit from using stem cells is that the stem cells are capable of functioning independently and as a result the body can replace or treat damaged organs at its own cellular level.

Stem Cell Research

In recent years as research into stem cells has increased scientists have developed a number of different techniques that allow them to control and manipulate the development of stem cells and clone them. Two of the most common of these techniques are therapeutic cloning and cell division procedure (cell division procedure). The scientists involved with therapeutic cloning believe that the technique will be the first of a great way to treat disease and disability in a person by producing genetically identical stem cells that can be transplanted into a disabled person who has a certain characteristic that is desired by the researchers. PRP treatment Charlotte NC is doing a lot of research as they continue these treatments.

Cell Division

Cell division procedure uses genetically modified sperm injected into a woman’s blood cells to form a baby. In recent years many controversial discussions have arisen over stem cells and embryonic stem cells being used for transplantation to treat many diseases including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Many doctors and ethicists do not believe that it is appropriate to use these stem cells to treat these diseases. However, if the stem cells are induced to become specialized and then cloned they may be able to help heal the damaged body parts that these diseases have caused.