How to Locate the Right Dental Hygienist

Finding a dental hygienist who is good at their job and reliable can be tough, but take a look at some of these tips before you start. After all, if you want your practice to be the best it can be, you’ll want to hire just the right people. It is okay to be picky as you weed through all the candidates for the position. These tips should help you to find that right person who will make your business stand out among the other practices.

Query Your Present Hygienists: Individuals of particular professions tend to bond with one another. With this reasoning, it’s an excellent idea to inquire with your current dental hygienists to find out if one of them knows someone they can recommend to you. They may still be in touch with someone from school who is now looking for a job, or they might have a family member who is also in the same profession. If your staff members are loyal and dependable, then it really can’t hurt to ask them, because you never know how people are networked. Just as people in the same work professions seem to connect with one another, people with the same work ethics also seem to be attracted to people like them.

Get a Hold of the Schools in Your Area: When you’re searching for a dental hygienist, it’s always an excellent idea to take a trip to a local school to find out from the administrators if they can recommend one of their top graduation students. You can also place an ad for a job opening on the student bulletin board, in an effort to find the person you need. The only hindrance to hiring people just out of school is the little amount of experience they have. All the same, a good idea for you is to search for a student who can be an intern for you. You don’t have to pay an intern and you can mold that person into the hygienist you want. Then, once they have graduated, you can offer them employment.

Your current employees are another great resource in your search for the perfect dental hygienist. Since you are already happy with their work, let them know that you are looking for someone just like them and see if they have any recommendations. They may be aware of someone who is great at the job and would fit with the office. These hygienists may be unemployed or they may be working for another practice. If it’s the latter, try to get word to that person that you’ll pay them more than they’re currently making and you just might be able to sway them your way. Take advantage of the tips above not just for finding the most excellent dental hygienist for your business, but also for finding a good employee who will help your practice blossom.