Pedicures And The Do’s And Don’ts Of Nail Health

Pedicures And The Do’s And Don’ts Of Nail Health

A pedicure is a kind of service which is carried out on your feet. It’s mainly women that would like it to be done but a few men do use it too. Feet can definitely be something that look nice or that stop individuals from going barefoot. Many people are really concerned with their feet so they don’t desire to swim or wear sandals during the summer. With a pedicure however, you will be able to feel great about your feet.


A lot of people get a pedicure weekly while others only do it every few months. It all depends on how their feet are holding up. Many people go barefoot on a regular basis so their feet have a tendency to get rough and dry on the bottoms of the feet. This may require having more pedicures done.


You’ll find many locations to get them done just about any place nowadays. Some salons only provide services for pedicures and manicures. You want to make sure these establishments are incredibly sanitary though. You may get a type of bacterial infection if they don’t cleanse the baths for the feet between people.


Some pedicures come with some fabulous perks also. For instance, there’s a great spot I go to for pedicures and manicures called Clayton Hair Salon. They feature chairs that vibrate and massage simultaneously. This is a great way of getting the tension in my back and neck relaxed while I get a pedicure. The entire experience allows me to leave there feeling fantastic and being recharged.

Speaking of Clayton Hair Salon, they offer a great rundown of do’s and don’t for your nails that I will share here to promote and encourage nail health between manicure and pedicure appointments.


To maintain your fingernails and keep them looking their finest, here are a few DO’s

•Keep your nails clean and dry. This will stop bacteria from developing beneath your fingernails. Extended exposure to water can bring about split nails. Wear cotton-lined rubberized gloves when washing dishes, or when cleaning up utilizing nasty chemicals.

•Practice excellent nail hygiene. Utilizing a sharp manicure scissors or clippers, cut your nails straight across. Then very carefully round the tips in a gentle curve.

•Use moisturizing lotion. Whenever putting on hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles also.

•Apply a safety layer. Using a nail hardener will help strengthen nails.

•Take biotin dietary supplement. Ask your doctor about using the nutritional supplement biotin. Studies suggest it may help strengthen weak or fragile nails.


To avoid pointless fingernail problems, DON’T:

•Bite your fingernails or pick at your cuticles. These kind of habits are not simply unhygienic, but they also can harm the nail bed. Even just a small cut next to your fingernail makes it possible for bacteria to get in and cause infection.

•Pull off hangnails. Very carefully clip off hangnails.

•Ignore issues. If you think that you’ve got a nail problem that doesn’t appear to go away by itself, or is connected with other symptoms, see your doctor or dermatologist right away to have an examination.

•Use harsh nail products. Restrict your utilization of nail polish remover. Should you really need to use one, decide on an acetone-free formulation.


Many people don’t want to pay to have someone else to do their feet for them. You can find all the supplies you need to do your own pedicures at home. Some people feel more comfortable this way as they don’t like other people touching their feet. Getting regular pedicures is a great way to have soft and delightful feet though.


You are able to curl up on the couch alongside your spouse and never worry that your feet feel like sandpaper. You may also visit the swimming pool or the beach. You’ll feel much better knowing your feet are beautiful. It is definitely remarkable how great a person can feel about their body once they have gotten a pedicure.