Make Your Own Homemade Facials with Oatmeal

Make Your Own Homemade Facials with Oatmeal

Utilizing oatmeal in a facial is nothing new-fangled. There is an array of homemade facials out there that you can put to use in order to get your skin to look and feel enhanced. A high number of people who are authority figures on homeopathic skin care advise using oatmeal as one of your essential ingredients. This is because oatmeal can be used to soak up excess oil, to exfoliate the skin and to deliver moisture to the skin on your face.

There is a plethora of homemade facial recipes to decide among. Several of them are quite painless to put together and take only a few minutes to combine. If you like the idea of homemade oatmeal facials, continue reading to get to know some recipes that you can put to use!

Natural Facial Recipe

A tablespoon of oatmeal powder, a single egg white, and a few drops of lemon oil are what you need for this first recipe. Most natural or homeopathic stores carry lemon oil or you can look for it in the organic section of your grocery store. Oatmeal powder can be made by smashing oatmeal that you have on hand. Don’t use the instant kind, though. Because you’re using egg in this mixture, it’s important to mix the ingredients together thoroughly and completely. Then spread the mixture on your face, being careful to avoid your eyes. Leave the mask on for about twenty minutes, or until it is dry. Once it has dried, you can wash it off with water and a soft washcloth.

For the next recipe, you need to combine a quarter cup of oatmeal, a quarter cup of almonds, a tablespoon of cornstarch, and a tablespoon of chamomile tea. Blend all of these ingredients together in your blender or in a food processor and then put the mixture into glass jars. To use it on your face, take a couple teaspoons of the mixture in your hand and add a little bit of water to form a paste. Then using soft circular motions, spread the mixture on your face with your fingers. Use warm water and a soft washcloth to rinse your face after spreading the paste evenly over your face, avoiding your eyes.

Chop of a tomato-the whole thing, skin, seeds, etc. Add a tablespoon of oatmeal and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Blend all of the ingredients together in your blender until you have a paste that is coarse in texture. Wash your face with a good cleanser and rinse it clean.


You should apply this mixture after thoroughly rinsing cleanser, to your face and neck. Once you’ve let this sit for a few minutes, around 10 is good, then you can rinse with warm water.

There are lots of different recipes for oatmeal facial mixtures out there to choose from. Before you spread your own mix across your skin do a patch test for sensitivity. You will find an oatmeal facial that works well for you without ever having to spend a dime on those expensive salons or spas.