Don’t Let Physical Stress Get Your Down – Use These 3 Methods

Your body experiences temporary stress every day. Physical stress results from chronic stress, which is what you want to avoid. High amounts of stress each day will take a serious toll on your health. Scientific research has produced countless studies about the effects of chronic stress. If your chronic stress is serious, it’s possible that you’ll exhibit symptoms of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. When it comes to physical stress, it’s not difficult to brush aside all the warning signs your body is sending you. If you’re often experiencing neck pains, back pains, and muscle stiffness, you’re likely suffering from physical stress.

The way you breathe has an enormous impact on stress, and this can be used to your advantage. The modern way of breathing is not very healthy for most people. In other words, they breathe with their chests and not with their diaphragms, or their belly. If you can learn to breathe with your belly, your diaphragm will be pulled down and your breaths will be deeper. This is the type of breathing that supplies your body with the most oxygen. Chest breathing does not have this effect on the diaphragm and so the lungs are not completely filled with air. When you breathe properly, your entire body will relax more. Your blood also becomes more oxygenated, which has an energizing effect on your body.

Recent research shows that one of the most stressful activities of all, surprisingly enough, is sitting all day long. For anyone who works in an office, this can be a challenge. This is also a concern to anyone who writes, programs or does graphic design at home. Some people are actually turning to stand up desks so they aren’t seated all day long. If you can’t avoid sitting for long stretches, you should be sure to take frequent breaks. No matter where you’re working, it should be possible to stand up, stretch and maybe take a short walk once per hour. The height of your chair and your posture also play a large role in how stressful sitting is for you. If you’re aware of this issue, you can take steps to improve your posture and take regular breaks from sitting. Get in touch with¬†chiropractic Cary NC experts.

The physical stress in your body can actually be aggravated in a number of ways. One way you can do it is by consuming the wrong kinds of foods and drinks. Just look at the processed and junk foods you’re eating regularly. They’re loaded with sugar, caffeine, sodium, and every unhealthy ingredient you can imagine. These foods can cause high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and high glucose levels. Your physical stress is only exacerbated by all these things. When you think about it, there’s no rational reason in the world that you have to suffer from physical stress. You simply need to act today and begin living a better, healthier, and stress free life — because it is possible and because you can!